Pride Gymnastics


is home to our highly competitive Girls JO program and has produced many State champions, a Regional champion, and participates in the TOPs program. 

The Girls Pre-Team and

 Level 3-10  USAG Teams 

are by invitation or tryout only. Please contact us 

to schedule a tryout.

2018-2019 Medalists

State Championship Meet


Vallie Burgess - VT 3rd, UB 1st, BB 1st, FX 3rd, AA 1st

Avery Grove - UB 2nd

Harper Kelley  - BB 3rd

Presley Rackers  - UB 2nd

Sophia Squyres 0 VT 2nd, AA 3rd



Capri Beeler - UB 2nd, BB 2nd, AA 2nd

Taylor Brown - UB 1st, BB 1st

Faith Byrom - FX 3rd

Phoebe Squyres - VT 3rd, FX 2nd

Caroline Woodson - UB 1st



Lailah Danzy - VT 2nd, FX 1st, AA 3rd

Abby Schmitz – VT 1st, UB 1st, AA 2nd

Region 3  Championship Meet

Lailah Danzy - 1st VT, 1st BB, 1st FX, 1st AA

TOPs Participants

 Vallie Burgess, Lailah Danzy, Presley Rackers,

Abby Schmitz, Phoebe Squyres

National TOPs Participants

Lailah Danzy, Abby Schmitz