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Pride Gymnastics Academy 
Poinsettia Fundraiser


6.5 inch White Poinsettia - $18


6.5 inch Red Poinsettia - $18


6.5 inch Jingle Bell Poinsettia - $18

8.5 inch Jingle Bell Poinsettia - $33

Help Support Pride's Competitive Gymnasts! 

These beautiful poinsettias are from a special local nursery, A New Leaf, whose mission is to provide vocational opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities.


A part of the proceeds goes to A New Leaf, while the majority of the proceeds go to help Pride purchase new equipment, pay for the foam pits, etc.! 


All three color options are available with either gold or silver foil sleeves. Orders are due November 27th!

You can pick up your poinsettias at Pride Gymnastics Academy on Monday, December 11th between 4 pm - 8pm or arrange pickup or delivery options.

with a Pride gymnast. 

8.5 inch White Poinsettia - $33

8.5 inch Red Poinsettia - $33

10 inch Red Poinsettia - $45

Poinsettia form
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